Winter 2006

Schedule an Appointment to Take Certification Tests


DNR field office regionsBy Karen Grimes, Iowa Department of Natural Resources

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) offers tests as an alternative to training for both commercial and confinement site manure applicators who want to be certified.

Those who would like or are required to take a test should contact the nearest DNR field office to make an appointment. The DNR will not be scheduling group test dates as they have in past years. Applicants bring a photo identification card, pencil and calculator to the test site.

For confinement site applicators who have missed one or more training sessions in a three-year certification cycle, the tests are not an option. A make-up test is substituted for the missed training, and must be taken prior to renewing certification. The DNR will notify applicators who are required to take the make-up tests.

After a confinement site applicator has passed the make-up test, the applicator can choose between taking another test or annual training to renew the certificate. At this time, there is no education fee charged for make-up tests.

There are many advantages to choosing the training, because information on nutrient management and state regulations is updated each year.

Applicators who choose testing instead of training will also be charged the same $25 education fee when they take the test that they would pay when taking the training.



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