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ONM Newsletter Will Move to Electronic Distribution
Starting with the December 2008 issue the ONM newsletter will be available in electronic format only. To receive the newsletter in electronically, you need to sign up for an email notification that will tell you when the latest edition of the newsletter has been posted to the web  and give you direct access the newsletter articles. More
P-Index Manure Management Plans - The Final Push
Beginning on August 25, 2008, those producers who filed their original manure management plans with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) prior to April 1, 2002, will need to file their P-Index manure management plan with DNR when their annual update is due. More
Livestock Water Quality Loan Program Update
Since 2006, the Livestock Water Quality Facilities Program has provided low-interest loans for livestock producers. As part of the State Revolving Fund (SRF), the program assists producers who want to prevent or reduce water quality problems. Manure management practices, equipment, and planning are all eligible for loans. More
Planning Considerations for Livestock & Poultry Mortality Disposal by On-farm Burial
While a major portion of livestock mortalities is still handled by the rendering industry, the number of rendering plants has declined significantly in recent years. Some producers say they no longer can obtain rendering service, and others are faced with higher rendering service bills or less frequent service. More
New Legislation May Affect Producers with Animals in Open Feedlots and Confinements, Livestock Markets and NPDES Permit Holders
The 2008 General Assembly passed new legislation designed to bring Iowa laws into agreement with federal laws for livestock and poultry operations. These primarily affect animal feeding operations that could be required to apply for a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit. There were three major changes in the law. More

Changing Nutrient Values Mean 'New' Focus on Manure
Commercial fertilizer rates continue to increase. Prices for N-P-K booked for the 2009 crop have increased 90, 55, and 160 percent, respectively over the spring 2007 prices used in this exercise. The message is the same. Manure has value and implementing a nutrient management plan is essential to capturing its fullest potential. More
Upcoming Events
Several manure management events throughout Iowa and the Midwest are being offered by commodity groups, local producers, watershed groups, equipment manufacturers, state agency staff and extension services in 2008. More



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