Spring 2009

New FDA Rules Could Limit Rendering Options

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Effective April 27, 2009, new rules from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will prohibit the use of carcasses of cattle that are over 30 month of age in food or feed of all animals. Please see:


Due to the economic impacts of additional processing, renderers in some areas may choose to no longer process these animals. Those who continue to accept them will likely find it necessary to charge higher fees to cover their costs. Producers are encouraged to contact their rendering facility to determine if animals greater than 30 months are still accepted and what, if any documentation the farmer will have to provide the rendering plant regarding the age of the cattle mortalities..  

Options for handling mortalities, including burial, incineration, land filling and composting have been discussed in previous issues of the Odor and Nutrient Management Newsletter, and may be reviewed online in the “Planning Considerations for Livestock and Poultry Mortality Disposal” series at:

Part 1 -- On-farm Burial

Part 2 -- Incineration and Landfilling

Part 3 -- Composting

Part 4 -- Emergency Planning


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