Fall 2008

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Tools to Address Air Quality Concerns
Emissions from livestock operations come from three main sources: animal housing, manure storage and land application. In some cases, feed storage may also contribute to overall emissions, depending on the type of feed and the storage method. More
Biofilters Now Eligible EQIP Practice
Iowa livestock producers with confinement operations can now apply to receive financial assistance to install biofilters, odor-reducing structures fit to the outlet of confinement exhaust fans. More

Planning Considerations for Livestock & Poultry Mortality Disposal: Part 2 - Incineration and Landfilling
The second article in the series reviews incineration and landfilling. More

Reminder - Sign Up for Electronic Distribution of ONM Newsletter
Starting with the December 2008 the newsletter will be available in electronic format only. More
Preparing for Fall Land Application
Take a few minutes prior to the busy harvest season and land application to prepare for manure application. More



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