Fall 2007

"Floaters" Impacted in Iowa

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By Mona Bond, Agribusiness Association of Iowa

The Iowa Legislature addressed the issue of overweight floaters in the 2007 Transportation Omnibus bill and the Governor signed HF 793 in the last days of the session.  The new regulations became effective July 1, 2007 and apply to commercial owner/operators and farmer producers. 

The changes came about as a result of operators being stopped by the Iowa Department Of Transportation (IDOT) for various infractions. This lead to the weighing of the equipment that revealed the existing equipment “as built” exceeded the 20,000 lb/axle limitation placed on the equipment. Negotiations with the IDOT and legislators resulted in applicators being able to continue to use their existing equipment but that new equipment will need to come into compliance with current law. Impacted manufacturers have contacted their customers letting them know what they plan to do as a result of the new law. The key provisions of the bill are as follows.

Current regulations that apply to all floater implements: 
  • All implements will observe a 35 mph speed limit on roadways; (this is current law);
  • Operators must continue to comply with all existing bridge embargos;
  • Equipment manufacturers state that implements are to be run laden only in the field 

The following new regulations apply only to implements that exceeds 20,000 lb/axle as "newly manufactured" defined as it comes "new from the factory".

  • Implements that "as newly manufactured" exceed 20,000 lb/axle may be operated on non-interstate highways in a county, provided the implement is permitted for that county; These implements cannot be legally operated over  any bridge, even if it is not embargoed.
  • An annual fee of $600/per implement per county not to exceed $3,500/per implement will be paid, with collected fees going to the secondary road fund of the designated county. Each implement can be permitted in no more than 10 counties;
  • No implement weighing over 25,000 pounds may operate;
  • Only implements purchased or ordered prior to Feb. 1, 2007 may be permitted;
  • No new permits will be issued after July 1, 2007; however, subsequent owners of a previously permitted implement are eligible for permits annually;
  • Implements subject to this law that are not permitted are thus in violation and are subject to civil penalties of $10,000 in addition to any other penalties that may apply;
  • No implements traveling on the roadway may exceed 20,000 pounds unless permitted

For more information, please contact Mona Bond at (515) 202-9222.


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