Fall 2006

Using Your Resources


By Rachel Klein, Iowa State University

Finding publications about manure management can be just a click away. At the Iowa Manure Management Action Group (IMMAG) web site, there is a vast collection of publications about manure management. The URL for IMMAG is: http://extension.agron.iastate.edu/immag/. To get to the manure management publication section on IMMAG, click on the publications button, http://extension.agron.iastate.edu/immag/pubs.html. Publications are categorized by topics such as nutrient management, handling, hauling, feed management, and air quality to name a few. Examples of the publications include the following:

  • Nutrient management
    • PM 1811Managing Manure Nutrients for Crop Production
    • PM 1558 How to Sample Manure for Nutrient Analysis
  • Calibration
    • PM 1941 Calibrating and Uniformity of Solid Manure Spreaders
    • PM 1948 Calibrating Liquid Tank Manure Applicators
  • Handling
    • PM 1859 Emergency Action Plans
  • Hauling
    • AE 3301 New Weight Restrictions for Manure Hauling Equipment
  • Odors
    • PM 1936 Air Quality Resources for Iowa Animal Agriculture
    • PM 1971A Extension StorePractices to Reduce Ammonia Emission from Livestock Operations
    • PM 1972A Practices to Reduce Hydrogen Sulfide from Livestock Operations
    • PM 1970A Practices to Reduce Odor from Livestock Operation
    • PM 1973A Practices to Reduce Dust and Particles
  • Regulations
    • PM 1778Commercial Manure Applicator Study Guide
    • PM 1779 Confinement Site Manure Applicator Study Guide

All of the above mentioned publications can purchased through the Iowa State University Extension Online Store. When ordering, please include the publication title and ID number in your message. A downloadable order form can be printed and is available at https://www.extension. iastate.edu/store/OrderingInformation.aspx. It is in PDF format. After printing it, you can fill it out and fax it to (515) 294-2945. To visit the online store, go to: https://www.extension.iastate.edu/store/ or call (515) 294-5247 for more information about the publications. Orders can be also made at any county extension office. Some publications are also available to be downloaded in a PDF.


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