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AMES, Iowa - Iowa State University (ISU) Extension's Animal Agriculture and Air Quality Web page was recently revised to provide more links to information regarding the recent Environmental Protection Agency's Air Quality Consent Agreement for livestock producers and to provide more resources such as fact sheets for producers managing air quality from livestock production systems. The Web address is http://www.extension.iastate.edu/airquality/.

Recently, the Environmental Protection Agency announced it would extend the deadline for public comments regarding the Air Quality Compliance Agreement announced in January 2005. The comment period is now open until May 2, 2005. The deadline for AFOs to sign the agreement was May 1, 2005, but has been extended until July 1, 2005.

The ISU Extension and College of Agriculture Air Quality Issue Team prepared a series of documents including a question and answer document, a timeline, a newsletter article and a PowerPoint presentation to educate producers about this agreement. In addition, links to the EPA's Consent Agreement and other sources of information have been added recently to the "Policy and Regulation" portion of the page. The site also contains a link to the Web cast version of the March 29, 2005, satellite program hosted by the Iowa Pork Industry Center, the Iowa Pork Producers Association and ISU Extension entitled "EPA Air Emissions Consent Agreement: Should Iowa Pork Producers Participate?"

Livestock producers looking for information regarding odor and emission management strategies from livestock operations will want to read the latest ISU Extension publications that address management practices. This series by Wendy Powers, associate professor, Animal Science, addresses odor, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and dust and particulates.

Each of the four fact sheets is accompanied by a flowchart decision aid that helps producers compare the relative effectiveness and cost to other management practices. The series is linked on the "Publications" section of the Animal Agriculture and Air Quality Web page. In addition, a second series of fact sheets titles the "Science of Smell" was also developed. This series was designed as background information for local public health employees, and others as the debate on air quality continues. Fourteen new publications have been added to this Web site in the past year.


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