Money for Life Events

04/20/2015- Financial Spring Cleaning
You know how good it feels when your house is clean? It feels just as good when your financial and business papers are well-organized. This session will include guidelines and strategies for putting your financial house in order. Snow date: April 16

04/20/2015- WritingYour Own Paycheck -Retirement Planning
Everyone needs to explore the different options for taking retirement distributions, tax implications, and how to make your funds stretch

04/21/2015- Smart Investing @Your Library
A blended class - starts with a kickoff session, then participants work at their own pace through 4 online modules. A wrap-up session is planned for May 19.

04/21/2015- A Retirement Annuity: Is it for you?
part of Money Smart Week - at Kiwanis Club meeting

04/21/2015- Money Talk for Women
An interactive workshop for women of all ages and life stages.

04/22/2015- To Bank or Not To Bank
in cooperation with Fort Dodge Housing Agency

04/23/2015- Growing Strong Families - Financial Decisions
Welcome Jamie Swearingin as the new Growing Strong Families Parent Educator. Learn about Financial Decisions that you will make for your family by Joyce Lash.

04/23/2015- Your MoneyYour Future
Learning more about how you spend your money, using bank services and credit in activities.

04/23/2015- EcoFamily Project - "Stuff"
Virtual conference topic - explore the relationship between material possessions and life satisfaction; discover social and emotional factors related to maintaining material goods; find resources for taking care of or disposing of material goods; and take action to change personal and family thinking and habits

04/24/2015- Your Money, Your Goals