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About the Certificate

At the end of each lesson, you will review what you’ve learned in a quiz. If you understand the answers to the lesson questions, you will be well prepared to take the final certification exam. You need 70 percent correct on the final exam to receive the Homebuyer’s Certificate that you may take to your local lender.

Many home loan programs, such as those through USDA Rural Development, require completion of a homebuyer course to qualify for a loan. You may take the final exam as many times as you wish—until you pass—at no additional charge. However, you must wait at least one day before you retake the exam, giving you time to review the information you didn’t understand. No two exams will be the same because the list of questions is randomly selected for each exam.

When you pass the exam, you will be able to print out a Homebuyer’s Certificate with your name on it.