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Download to view and/or print the following Iowa State University Extension and Outreach publications

Housing Publications

PM 1561 Building Basements in Wet Locations - Assessing, Repairing, and Rebuilding Basements
PM 1562 Controlling Moisture on Concrete Floors—Assessing, Repairing, and Rebuilding Basements
PM 1794 Facts You Need to Know—Carbon Monoxide A Silent Killer
PM 0362 Finishing Exterior Wood Surfaces—Wood Use
PM 1621 Home Safety—A Checklist for Parents
PM 0950 Interior Woodwork in Houses—Wood Use
PM 0882 Minimizing Moisture Problems in New Houses
PM 1529G Moving to a New Home, Understanding Children
PM 0363 Paint Problems on Exterior Wood—Wood Use
PM 1560 Proper Drainage Around Your Home—Assessing, Repairing, and Rebuilding Basements
PM 1496 Selecting a Termite Control Service
PM 1033 Selection and Use of Preservative-treated Wood
PM 1169 Siding
PM 1804 The Welcoming Home
PM 1437 Whole-house Fans for Summer Cooling

Consumer and Financial Management Publications

PM 1460 Buying a House—Money Mechanics
PM 1453 Communications—Money Mechanics
PM 1459A-B Credit and Analyzing Your Debts Worksheet—Money Mechanics
PM 0993 Estate Planning
PM 1463 Estate Planning—Money Mechanics
PM 1456 Home Insurance—Money Mechanics
PM 1455 Income Taxes—Money Mechanics
PM 1457 Life Insurance—Money Mechanics
PM 1173 Managing Farm Family Finances
PM 1720 Managing Income and Expenses—Divorce Matters
PM 1461 Owning a Car—Money Mechanics
PM 1924 Planning to $tay Ahead, also Planear para $alir Adelante
PM 1452A-B Record Keeping—Money Mechanics - includes income and expenses/net worth statement worksheet
PM 1462 Saving and Investing—Money Mechanics 
PM 1719 Separating Your Finances—Divorce Matters
PM 1454A-B Spending Plans and Worksheet—Money Mechanics
PM 1103 The Spending Game
PM 1918 Tracking Your Spending, also Como Sequir La Pista de Sus Gastos

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