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Research Projects

2014 Food Safety Projects Summary (print-friendly)

safe foodCustomization of Food Safety Messages
For the first time in history, there are four generations of employees in the retail foodservice workforce; each generation with different motivations and barriers to practice safe food handling. The goal of this project is to identify the key motivators and barriers for each generational group, and develop and assess effectiveness of customized food safety training modules. Modules will be disseminated on the Iowa State University food safety web site

Susan W. Arendt, Catherine Strohbehn, Ana-Paula Correia, and Mack Shelley, 2009 – 2012, USDA CSREES - $598,607


Motivators of Retail Foodservice Employees to Follow Safe Food Handling Practices
This project will determine factors that motivate foodservice employees to implement safe food handling practices in retail foodservice. Educational modules for foodservice supervisors on how to motivate employees to implement safe food handling practices will be developed and tested in Iowa and Kansas retail foodservices. Validated modules will be posted on the Iowa State University food safety website

Susan W. Arendt, Jeannie Sneed (former HRIM faculty), and Catherine Strohbehn, 2007-2010, USDA CSREES - $509,252


Safe Food Handling Practices on the Farm:  Meeting the Needs of Foodservice Operations
Develop and conduct pilot workshops to help producers control against contamination of food while on the farm and address procurement concerns of retail foodservices.

Catherine Strohbehn, Sam Beattie, Neric Smith, 2007
Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture - $14,981


Impact of Employee Training on Mitigating Contamination in Retail Foodservice Operations
An in-depth examination of cross-contamination and the impact of employee training in reducing cross-contamination. 

Jeannie Sneed (former HRIM faculty), Catherine Strohbehn, and Sam Beattie, 2005-2008, USDA CSREES - $532,224


Reaching Consumers and the Food Industry with Effective Food Safety Messages via the World Wide Web
This project is designed to communicate food safety information based on Food Safety Consortium research to consumers via the World Wide Web. This grant currently supports the Food Safety Project website.

Jim Huss (retired) and Dan Henroid (former HRIM staff) 2000-2005
Food Safety Consortium (USDA) - $60,000
Jason Ellis (former HRIM staff) and Catherine Strohbehn, 2005-2006
ISU Food Safety Project from Food Safety Consortium (USDA) - $25,000
Catherine Strohbehn, 2007-2008 - $25,000
Catherine Strohbehn, 2008 – 2009; 2009 – 2010 - $17,500


Using Contracts to Expand Produce Market Opportunities
An on-line calculator to assist producers in costing decisions was developed and is available at

Jason Ellis (former HRIM staff) and Mary Gregoire (former AESHM Chair), 2005-2006, Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture - $33,634


Economic Viability of Local Food Marketing for Restaurant Operations and Growers/Producers in Iowa
This project involved qualitative and quantitative methodology in an effort to quantify time spent on local food purchasing by restaurant operators and producers. Choice experiments were used to determine consumer choices with stated menu items.

Amit Sharma (former HRIM faculty), 2005-2006, Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture - $39,752


Developing a Virtual Reference Desk for Consumers and Foodservice Operators
A virtual reference desk for food safety to link consumers and foodservice operators with expert food safety advice was developed to answer commonly asked food safety questions.

Jim Huss (retired), Dan Henroid and Jason Ellis (former HRIM staff members) , 2001-2006, USDA CSREES - $474,815


Food Safety Practices and HACCP Implementation in Assisted Living for the Elderly
The project goal was to assess current food handling practices and HACCP implementation in assisted living for the elderly and provide training programs to improve food safety. 

Shirley Gilmore, Jeannie Sneed (former HRIM faculty) and Catherine Strohbehn, 2002-2005, USDA CSREES - $530,113


Mentoring Model for Implementing HACCP in School Foodservice
The project goal was to develop and implement a mentoring model for HACCP implementation in school foodservice to increase the number of school districts that have comprehensive HACCP programs. 

Jeannie Sneed and Dan Henroid (former HRIM), 2001-2004, USDA CSREES - $469,911


Evaluating On-Farm Food Handling Practices and Microbiological Quality of Locally Grown Produce and Eggs (On-Farm Food Safety Project)
Objectives for this project were to increase food producers’ awareness and understanding of harvest, post-harvest, and delivery practices consistent with good agricultural practices (GAPs) and food safety best practices when supplying restaurant and institutional foodservice establishments. Information about the project is available on the Local Foods page.

Catherine Strohbehn, Jason Ellis, and Dan Henroid (formerly HRIM)  2003-2004, Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture - $27,885