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Pool to School: City of Ames Furman Aquatic Center Partners with ISU

Dietetic Intern Laura Kimm recently spent part of her Community rotation assignment at the pool! Nice work, especially on a beautiful summer day. But she wasn’t just splashing around – Laura was discussing healthy items for inclusion on the Furman Aquatic Center’s Concession Stand Menu with Ames Park and Recreation Managers Keith Abraham and Chris Barkema.

The idea for the project began with a conversation regular lap swimmer and Community Member Jenny Martin had with Ames Park and Recreation Manager Abraham about snack bar offerings. Martin, who has a background in home economics and teaching experience, proposed healthier choices be offered in the pool concession stand. The conversation broadened to include Catherine Strohbehn, HRIM Extension Specialist (and regular lap swimmer) who has worked with Team Nutrition and projects related to the school health environment. 

Ames Park and Recreation Staff agreed the pool project would be a win-win situation: provision of an excellent service learning experience for Laura and an opportunity to “make over” the snack stand and better reflect the needs of the Ames community.

Pool to school
Dietetic intern Laura Kimm, Community volunteer Jenny Martin, and Ames Park and Recreation Staff Chris Barkema and Keith Abraham discuss snack bar modifications.