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ISU Meat Lab products featured in the Tearoom in October

Photo of students working in the ISU Meat Lab

The Joan Bice Underwood Tearoom is proud to feature local Iowa foods during the month of October. The Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management Quantity Food Production Laboratory and HRIM Extension have partnered to bring some of Iowa's harvest to your table as part of Iowa State University Farm to ISU program. This is one way to support Iowa food producers.

The ISU Meat Lab is a federally inspected facility with the capability for harvesting the complete processing of meat animals and poultry. It has a full complement of sausage-making equipment, mostly of small commercial production size. In addition, there are two chemistry laboratories for analysis of a wide range of physical and chemical properties of meat. Facilities for more intensive biochemical, sensory, color, and textural properties of meat demonstration classrooms are located in the Meat Lab.

Randy Petersohn is the Meat Lab Manager. Graduate and undergraduate students gain valuable, practical experience through employment opportunities in the meat lab - working in each of the process areas.

A public retail sales outlet for distribution of products produced in the course of demonstrations and/or research activities is open Wednesday and Friday from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. The sales outlet is located at the north end of the Kildee/Meat Lab Atrium.

On Monday, October 15; Wednesday, October 17; and Monday, October 22, diners in the  Joan Bice Underwood Tearoom enjoyed meat products from the ISU Meat Lab. The ground beef used in the Chili Con Carne on October 15th, and the fresh pork items in Hungarian Goulash and the Glazed Ham Loaf all were provided by the Meat Lab.