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Local Products Featured in Joan Bice Underwood Tearoom


The Joan Bice Underwood Tearoom is proud to feature local Iowa foods on selected menus during the months of October to December.

The Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management Quantity Food Production Laboratory and Extension unit have partnered to bring some of Iowa’s best products to the customers’ table. Foodservice and Lodging Management graduate student Allan Ortiz is conducting trials with selected menu items featuring carrots, apples and ground beef from local producers to assess willingness of customers to pay a premium for these foods.

On the trial dates, Tearoom customers will have the option to choose between menu items produced with ingredients from conventional sources or the menu item prepared using the local ingredients.  The menu selection with the local ingredients will be offered at a slight increase:  $0.50 for carrots, $0.75 for apples, and $1.00 for ground beef entrees.

This is a great way to support Iowa food producers and to taste first-hand what Iowa’s harvest has to offer.  Check out the schedule and menu items being offered:
Gary Guthrie has farmed his land outside Nevada for over 10 years. Growing Harmony Farm’s Carrots are the Bolero variety, which are very sweet and crisp.  Tearoom patrons can enjoy these carrots in a vegetable relish plate (October 19th) as well as fresh carrot cake (November 17th). Growing Harmony Farm is known for its carrots and garlic, which are grown for direct delivery to consumers, CSAs and restaurants For more information contact Gary at 515-382-3117.

The Berry Patch Farm has called Nevada, Iowa home since the 1970s.  Owners Dan and Judy Henry, along with their son Mike, produce strawberries, raspberries, vegetables, pumpkins, and of course, apples, as well as featuring a retail gift shop and U-Pick opportunities.  Consider a visit to their farm outside Nevada to truly experience Iowa agriculture.  Menu offerings containing Berry Patch Farm Jonagold apples will be an apple and pear salad (October 22) and baked apple dessert (November 2nd).

Ground Beef
The ground beef used in the Lasagna entrée on November 9th and the Meat Loaf on December 2nd is from Angus cattle calved and grown in Iowa. Producer and ISU graduate Mike Wibholm supplies Ken Stoakes of Goldfield with cattle, which are raised and brought to Lewright Meats in Webster City for processing. Kent McCart of Eagle Grove, Iowa feeds out his own Angus calves prior to processing by Lewright Meats.