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Local Foods Featured in HRIM Quantity Food Production Laboratory

The Joan Bice Underwood Tearoom is proud to feature local Iowa foods during the month of October. The Hotel, Restaurant and institution Management Quantity Food Production Laboratory and HRIM Extension have partnered to bring some of Iowa's harvest to your table as part of the Iowa State University Farm to ISU program. This is one way to support Iowa food producers.

"Serving locally produced foods provides an educational opportunity for our students to better understand food production and increases their awareness of where food comes from. As someone in charge of a retail foodservice, I appreciate the opportunity to provide these fresh quality foods to our customers and keep food dollars in our community," said John Kramer, coordinator of the Quantity Food Production Laboratory.

This week, Norman McCoy was the grower for the potatoes featured in the Potato Soup on October 2 and the New Potatoes on October 4th. The potatoes are the Yukon Gold variety. These are very thin skinned with a light golden-tinged flesh and excellent flavor.

Norman operates Pine Crest Farms located in rural Maxwell. He also specializes in growing multiple varietes of oriental vegetables. Norman is a graduate of Iowa State University with a Master's degree in Sustainable Agriculture.

"Pinecrest has been in my family since 1959. It is situated on the north side of hte Skunk River Valley, overlooking the Chichaqua Wildlife Reserve. The soil varies from deep black swamp muck to dry sandy hillside, and in between is the richest potting soil you could ask for, said McCoy. "We've planted pine trees on the poorest soil, we've left the swamp as a sedge meadow preserve, and on the garden areas we specialize in oriental vegetables. ISU has used our farm for a few research projects the past couple of years. We would be happy to show you the results. If you'd like some fresh produce, or just like a wild place to explore, our contact information is:

Norman McCoy
11395 N.E. Hubbell Way
Maxwell, IA 50161