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Hospitality Management Staff Keynote Speakers at Sustainable Safe Food Workshop in Costa Rica

HRIM Extension Specialist and Professor Catherine Strohbehn and Food Safety Project Coordinator Janell Meyer organized and presented a two day workshop on Sustainable and Safe Food in Costa Rica recently.

The invitation was extended by Dr. Paola Paez (HM 2010) who is now on faculty in the School of Nutrition at University of Costa Rica. The workshop was co-sponsored by Costa Rica Restaurant Association, the University of Costa Rica, and Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Food Safety Project.

workshop participants

Workshop participants discussed the meaning of sustainability and the need to infuse within organizational goals and policies. Certification programs such as Fair Trade and GAPs were reviewed, and best practices in procurement, including product specifications were covered. A review of safe food handling practices was provided. ISU research based educational materials and resources were presented – with links to the food safety and local foods websites.