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SafeFood© in Costa Rica: Collaborations with Hospitality Program Graduate

Meyer showing SafeFood Motivators toolkit

Recently, HRIM Extension Specialist Catherine Strohbehn and Food Safety Project Coordinator Janell Meyer, in collaboration with former Foodservice and Lodging Management graduate Dr. Paola Paez, presented an invited short course to dietitians, industry professionals and graduate students at the University of Costa Rica. The title of the week-long, 30-hour for credit short course was Food Safety Best Practice and Current Research.


class members

Dr. Paez is currently on faculty at University of Costa Rica in the School of Human Nutrition and heads the food safety division. Strohbehn and Meyer represented members of ISU Food Safety Project Team, which consists of HRIM faculty Dr. Susan Arendt and former faculty member Dr. Jeannie Sneed.  As part of the workshop curriculum, Strohbehn and Meyer shared outcomes of funded food safety research projects, including the SafeFood© Motivators Toolkit.  


The 17 class participants consisted of food safety education specialists in the country of Costa Rica, a quality assurance manager for a multi-national contract management company, a sales representative from an international cleaning chemical company, practicing dietitians with management responsibilities in foodservice, faculty from the University of Costa Rica, and potential graduate students considering study in the United States. 

Strohbehn teaching

Strohbehn also presented SafeFood© 101, a one-hour session on fundamental food safety practices in retail foodservices to approximately 20 undergraduate students. The plan is to continue the short course offerings each year. In addition to the short course, a collaborative research proposal between HRIM faculty Dr. Lakshman Rajagopal and Dr. Paez is in review.