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Growing Harmony Farms' Carrots featured in Tearoom

Photo of Gary Guthrie with carrots

Gary Guthrie has farmed his land outside Nevada for over 10 years. He grows 30 different vegetables for members of his Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) group. He is known for growing the "best tasting carrots in Iowa." The carrots are a 'nantes type' and the Bolero variety, which are very sweet and crisp.

Joan Bice Underwood Tearoom patrons enjoyed these carrots on October 15th in a vegetable relish plate. The carrots will also be used for a fresh carrot cake on November 13th.

Growing Haromony Farm also is known for the garlic. Carrots and garlic are grown for direct delivery to consumers and restaurants as well as the CSA. For more information contact Gary at 515-382-3117 or