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Thermometer Use Station

This icon is one of the International Food Safety Icons produced by the International Association of Food Protection. Visit their web site for terms of use.Objective - Participants will be able to explain the basic difference between different types of food thermometers and properly calibrate a bimetallic thermometer.

Learning Activities

  • A table of different food thermometers will be on display. An explanation of the differences will be given.
  • The importance of using calibrated thermometers will be shown taking the temperature of a product with a calibrated and uncalibrated thermometer.
  • The proper method of calibrating will be demonstrated.


  • Banner
  • Case study display
  • Thermometers
    • bimetallic
    • thermistor
    • thermocouple
    • infrared
    • instant read
  • Samples & thermometer literature
  • Alcohol wipes

Download the thermometer usage booth description.


Thermometer Usage booth at the Food Safety Education Fair
Thermometer Usage booth at the Food Safety Education Fair


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