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Uniformity in Output-Trait Measurement

E.   Uniformity in Output-Trait Measurement

       There are several emerging technologies that can measure new specialty grain factors, but uniform results are needed. 

       IGQI support will continue contribution to the maintenance of consistent databases across multiple NIRS brands. 

       Genetics companies, United Soybean Board, and USDA-GIPSA are collaborators in this effort. 


Objectives for FY06


1.      Receive and confirm ability of release and near-release genetic material to be accurately analyzed in NIRS measuring systems. Expand organized NIRS calibration databases as new material becomes available.

2.      Create and maintain calibration databases for seven or more NIRS brands.

3.      Develop protocols for the combination of either calibration equations or spectral databases across similar models of NIRS produced by different manufacturers.


Expected Outputs


·        Expand databases for at least seven brands of NIRS.

·        ISO 17025 certification.

·        Example industry standardization program, publication of database methods.

·        Report on potential strategies for including multiple NIRS models in market channels without deteriorating overall accuracy or variability.

·        Develop a similar standards program for corn.


Charles R. Hurburgh, Jr.