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Stewardship of Transgenic Products

E.   Stewardship of Transgenic Products

       Transgenic soybeans are grown on approximately 90% acres produced in Iowa and transgenic herbicide resistant corn acres have dramatically increased in recent years and is estimated to be 30% of the acres grown in Iowa. 

       Grain production practices in transgenic crops, notably weed management systems, are becoming very simplified and thus place incredible selection pressure on the weed communities. 

       Specialty crops may be more likely to demonstrate negative responses to traditional weed management tactics. 

       The overall outcome of the project is to provide Iowa growers with effectively and efficient weed management options that represent a low risk toward negatively impacting weed communities or grain quality.



Project Objectives

1.      Evaluate the potential for suspect weeds to evolve resistance to glyphosate

2.      Determine which weeds are becoming new economic problems in response to the adoption of transgenic cropping systems

3.      Develop management tactics to manage changes in the weed community in transgenic crop production systems

4.      Establish the risk of traditional weed management programs in specialty grains

5.      Develop effective, safe weed management programs for specialty grains


Expected Outputs


·        Management recommendations for transgenic crops that will delay or deter weed population shifts

·        Management recommendations that will delay or deter the evolution of herbicide resistant weeds

·        List of herbicides and relatively tolerances on specialty grains

·        Management recommendations for weed control in specialty crops


Micheal D. K. Owen

This project would be conducted by the ISU weed management group in collaboration with specialty crops organizations, grower organizations, plant breeders, and in conjunction with representatives from the seed industry and ag-chemical companies.


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