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Project Management, Marketing and Information Distribution

FY 2005-2006 Operating Plan


A.  Project Management, Marketing, and Information Distribution

       IGQI is responsible for the grains component of the College of Agriculture’s Quality Systems Initiative, and is the focal point for channeling resources toward quality certification systems for grain.


Objectives for FY06


1.      Assist affiliated scientists with IGQI-related project proposals.

2.      Continue expanding the marketing and distribution of grain quality information through media outlets, with an emphasis on web site growth.


Expected Outputs


·        Write IGQI summary reports and publish the strip trial results.

·        Represent ISU to delegations requesting grain quality information.

·        Provide Extension field staff and organizations presentations and print materials for use in local meetings.

·        Develop exhibits, conferences, and presentations that promote IGQI activities and distribute information to appropriate audiences.

·        The rapid-response issue for 2006 (FDA recordkeeping impacts).

·        Coordinate and conduct grain quality conferences and workshops.

·        Continue to build use of the Internet for information distribution


Charles Hurburgh and Program Coordinator and AGMRC Staff