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2009 Projects

Project management, marketing and information distribution – Outlines IGQI project objectives for fiscal year 2009 marketing plan and operations management.


Sample analysis and instrumentation support – Outlines grain quality testing and instrument calibration and quality control research program of IGQI and the lab facility for testing of grain quality factors in a nationally standardized system.


Quality Management Systems – Traceability of grains for food safety and stewardship of transgenic products – This project will determine how traceability of raw grain in U.S. markets will concurrently solve food safety, consumer preference, security, product valuation needs and socially responsible production of differentiated or genetically-enhanced grains by practical, auditable third party protocol.


Quality Management Systems – Training in storage, biosecurity and QMS applications – This project will enhance traceability principals and FDA regulations supporting training programs for the application of internationally recognizable quality management systems in grain production, storage and security for online industry courses in quality management system.


Stewardship of transgenic products – Agronomic needs – This project will develop the appropriate pest management programs for transgenic crops to insure continued utility of traits and socially responsible production to effectively manage pests and maintain profitability.


Documenting the Feed and Fuel Balance for Swine and Poultry Industries – This project will examine the capacity of Iowa to supply necessary feed grains, oilseeds and animal fats in quantities sufficient for efficient and economical pork and poultry production, generate decision-tools, and examine alternative co-product feeds.


Impacts of increased local processing on grain management – This project will continue to update databases and map to include all corn and soybean processors, and provide support and guidance to companies who wish to develop rapid internal testing methods.


Advisory Council Meeting - 9 January 2009

Advisory Council Meeting - 10 July 2009