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2007 Projects

Project Management, Marketing and Information Distribution - Outlines the objectives for fiscal year 2007 for the program.

Research Assistance and Sample Analysis Program - Outlines the research program of IGQI and the lab facility for testing of grain.

Physical and Economic Constraints to Isolation of Transgenic Grains - This project will provide a comprehensive assessment of needs, an inventory of presently available material applicable to isolation in the Corn Belt and feasible tolerance levels necessary for risk management.

Support for Development of ISO 22006 Production Agriculture Standard - IGQI sits on the working group to develop an ISO 22006 standard for quality management of grain.

Training for Grain Personnel in Storage and Biosecurity Issues - This project will update the grain storage materials and train field specialists and grain managers on grain storage, as well as biosecurity measures.

Tools for Production of Specialty Corn Protein - This project will evaluate the market and business impacts of pretreatment system adoption for non-food proteins located in the germ. 

Uniformity in Output-Trait Measurement - This project will ensure that openly traded genetic products are accurately and fairly represented and will promote uniform methods and presentations for decision data.

Impacts of Increased Local Processing - Work is underway to collect information about corn usage in biofuels and livestock feed. This data needs to be combined with understanding of Iowa's ethanol and co-product production capacities to create an overall picture for Iowa agriculture.

Stewardship of Transgenic Products - This project will develop the appropriate pest management programs for transgenic crops to insure continued utility of the traits and to provide growers of specialty crops with tactics to effectively manage pests and maintain profitability.

Advisory Council Meeting – 01-12-2007