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Iowa Grain Quality Initiative Lab

The ISU Grain Quality Laboratory (GQL) provides reduced cost grain quality analysis services for genetic trials and commercial uses. GQL analyzes grain samples for a variety of grain quality factors, including composition and physical traits.

GQL's web site is designed to provide you with information about our testing services, grain information and trials performed. Feel free to contact GQL with any questions or suggestions for items you would like to see on this site.

The possibility for tailoring grain quality to match individual user needs is now recognized by producers, handlers, and seedsmen. Marketing chains for products such as high-oil corn and low-saturated-fat soybeans are increasing value up to 50 cents per bushel. Livestock feeding operations in many areas are now screening raw grain ingredients for total protein or improved amino acid profile (protein quality).

Iowa State University, a national leader in promoting end-use specific grains, is again expanding grain quality and functionality testing services. Our near-infrared moisture calibrations are now approved for trade by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and our corn constituents calibrations are being used by corn traders. You can be assured of consistent data backed by stringent quality control.

We also have coordinating agreements for other grain testing services. These include amino acid profiles, fatty acid profiles, germination tests, pilot-scale processing runs, and U.S. grade factors. Details of all tests are available upon request. We reserve the right to use submitted samples internally for checking calibration accuracy and for method development

Strict confidentiality of sample and analysis data is maintained. Services are for all grains and are priced on a per sample basis, unless noted. Ask about sample sizes and prices for combined or grouped tests.

The Grain Lab also offers custom methods development services, such as for calibration of new near-infrared models or test weight dertermination devices.