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Contact Information

1541 Food Sciences Building
Iowa State University
Ames, IA

Phone: 515-294-8629


Additional Information

About IGQI

The Iowa Grain Quality Initiative (IGQI) is a cutting edge grain quality research and information program. The interdisciplinary project performs the "rapid response function" at ISU for the grain industry. Through diverse expertise of affiliated faculty and the use of information technology, the project has addressed grain production and processing topics quickly, giving producers and agribusinesses the information needed to make business decisions. Challenges related to genetically modified grains have accelerated the use of alternative delivery systems.

Rapid response issues IGQI addressed over the past years included:

  • Genetically modified grains (StarLink™ corn, Roundup Ready® corn, and international markets)
  • Frost damage, discoloration, and diseases in corn and soybeans
  • A major farmers cooperative bankruptcy

Program and information resources have been promoted and distributed through:

  • Providing Extension field staff with presentation materials for local meetings
  • Outreach meetings
  • Print and electronic media articles
  • Posting reference materials for the media.

Effective partnerships have been critical for the development of top-flight programming in short time horizons (1-3 weeks) for statewide information delivery. Access to partner resources, especially human capital, has created programs that cover nearly all aspects of each issue. The four largest programs have had six to ten external partners. ISU campus and field staff have played significant roles in program development and meeting facilitation.