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Welcome to the Iowa Grain Quality Initiative!

The mission of the Iowa Grain Quality Initiative is to create knowledge and provide information that will improve the efficiency of traditional commodity grain markets and will assist emerging markets for user-specific grains.

Iowa corn field

Topics, Presentations and Papers

The Grain Storage Team is an Iowa State University Extension team of ag engineers and ag economists which have developed grain storage training tools which discuss grain quality.

The team has developed new training tools and updated some previous economic tools. The new tools are listed on the Grain Storage page with supporting information.
  • Dryeration – new by Shawn Shouse
  • Grain Aeration – new by Greg Brenneman
  • Fan Performance – new by Greg Brenneman
  • 2014 Issues: Harvest
    • Pay Attention to Stewardship Requirements for Biotech Grains
      10/28/2014 - Recent issues with biotech events not approved in some world markets have renewed the need for maintaining required management (stewardship) of biotech grains. As a producer, the most important step in a controlled-market stewardship chain is the initial delivery from the farm to the correct first point of sale. Taking this step protects the continued availability of upgraded traits at a pace faster than otherwise might be allowed.
    • Recent cold temperatures in Iowa created instances of frost damage to immature crops in Northern Iowa, and more widespread damage in Minnesota. The degree of loss depends on the closeness to maturity and the length of time below freezing. In Iowa, the damage was mostly to grain quality rather than quantity. The bulletin   PM1635 Frost Damage to Corn and Soybeans explains the likely results of early frost. Proper handling and management procedures to minimize the impact of early frost on storage and marketing are explained. This publication is available at no cost from the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach online store at
    • Update on 2014 Crop Quality - It seems like a broken changes have shifted expectations of new crop corn quality.  By Charles Hurburgh, Department of Ag and Biosystems Engineering,
    • Grain Storage Team - Training Tools for Mycotoxin: The training tools are narrated modules which talk about mycotoxin issues occurring in this year's harvest:
      - Mycotoxin I
      - Mycotoxin II
  • FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)
    • Food Facility Biennial Registration Renewal - Elevators, Feed Mills and Processors who process raw agricultural commodities grains who have registered in the pastunder the Bioterrorism Act and FSMA are required to register for the first time under the Biennial Registration Renewal requirements of FSMA.

The timeline for Biennial Registration Renewal begins on October 1, 2014 and will end on December 31, 2014.  If you miss the deadline, your present registration will be voided and you will have to complete a new registration.

To register go to the Registration of Food Facilities page on the FDA website and login with your account and complete all requested information for the Biennial Registration renewal.