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Cover crops and SCN: What’s the connection?

9/25/2014 - Cover crops are being grown in Iowa for soil and pest management. The possible effects of cover crops on the soybean cyst nematode (SCN) are discussed in this article.

Quality and Handling of the 2014 Iowa Crop

9/24/2014 - Every year brings on a new set of challenges for harvest and grain management; in the past five years we have gone from very wet to very dry. Overall 2014 crop quality is likely to be good with a few uncertainties because of weather.

How Much Risk of Frost Do You Have?

9/9/2014 - Part of Iowa’s 2014 corn crop may be at risk of a killing frost before reaching maturity. April planted corn has no to low risk while May planted corn will have varying levels of risk.

Watch for Stalk and Ear Rots in Corn

9/4/2014 - As the 2014 growing season draws to a close, agronomists and farmers are reminded to scout for stalk and ear rots of corn.

Soybean Diseases Taking Off in Iowa

8/29/2014 - Several soybean diseases have popped up over the past several weeks across Iowa. Some of the more common diseases found in our field scouting can be found in this report.

Expected “Fly Free” Date for Hessian Fly in Iowa

8/21/2014 - The planting date for wheat is important for discouraging Hessian fly. Read more about the biology of this pest and how to avoid crop injury.

Revised Corn Yield Forecasts

8/21/2014 - With corn pollination complete and grain fill well underway, estimates of corn yield are being made across Iowa. Here, results are presented from a project using Hybrid-Maize to forecast yield potential at the end of the year.

Update on Corn Rootworm in Iowa

8/20/2014 - This growing season corn rootworm numbers have been lower than the past several years. This article reviews current management tactics and offers guidelines for the 2015 season.

Southeast Research and Demonstration Farm Fall Field Day

8/20/2014 - The annual fall field day for the Iowa State University Southeast Iowa Research Farm near Crawfordsville will be held September 9, 1:30 p.m.

Be on the Lookout for Brown Stem Rot in Soybean

8/12/2014 - Brown stem rot has recently been found in Iowa soybean fields. This disease can be confused with sudden death syndrome, so it is important to know what to look for when scouting fields.

It’s Palmer Time

8/7/2014 - Now is the easiest time to find new infestations of Palmer amaranth and initiate programs to either eradicate or limit its spread. We appreciate being informed of new Palmer amaranth infestations and are willing to aid in identifying suspect plants.

Soybean Aphid Numbers on the Rise

8/4/2014 - Soybean aphids are becoming more abundant in fields this week. Scout soybean now to make timely treatment decisions.

Don’t Miss the State Fair Weed ID Contest

7/29/2014 - Show the world how well you know your weeds!

Corn Yield Predictions

7/25/2014 - With corn pollination underway and in some case near completion many agronomists and farmers are now beginning to think about what corn yields will be. Here, results are presented from project using Hybrid-Maize to forecast yield potential at the end of the year.

Resilient Ag Conference Now Open to Crop Advisors and Farmers

7/25/2014 - Crop Advisors can earn continuing education credits for CCA certification through in-person and online attendance of the Resilient Agriculture Conference, August 5-7, in Ames, Iowa.

PrecisionAg Big Data Conference: Managing Your Most Elusive Farm Asset is set for August 25, 2014

7/22/2014 - Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, in partnership with national precision ag leaders and Meister Media, will hold an Ag Big Data conference on August 25, 2014 on the ISU campus.

Corn Nitrogen Rate Calculator Update

7/22/2014 - The Iowa N response database in the Corn Nitrogen Rate Calculator was recently updated. There are now 246 trials for corn following soybean and 133 trials for corn following corn.

Mid-Season Update on Fungicides and Corn Diseases

7/17/2014 - Parts of rural Iowa are abuzz about fungicide use to manage some emerging diseases.

Mid-Season Soybean Diseases Out in Full Force: How to Send a Sample to ISU Diagnostic Clinic

7/15/2014 - Mid-season soybean samples can be sent to the ISU Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic for evaluation.

Northern Leaf Blight Prevalent in Iowa

7/14/2014 - Northern corn leaf blight (NCLB) has been reported in numerous fields in Iowa.

Grasshopper Activity Observed

7/11/2014 - Grasshopper activity has been noted this week in Iowa. These insects feed on grasses and weeds, and can become field crops pests.

July Spray Applications

7/10/2014 - Sprayers around the state are poised for post-emergence herbicide application as soil dries in soybean fields and mid-season applications of fungicide and/or insecticide.

Controlling Large Weeds – Do You Feel Lucky?

7/7/2014 - The principles that apply to managing large waterhemp in soybean can be applied to control of other weeds larger than specified herbicide labels.

Fungicide Thoughts for 2014 Season

7/7/2014 - Based on all the rainfall and wet soils this is shaping up to be a big year for fungicide applications, so just a few thoughts for guys “on the fence” and trying to decide whether to spray or not.

Assessing Crop Damage from Wind, Hail and Flooding

7/2/2014 - Storm damage to both corn and soybean crops range from extensive defoliation to root lodging. In the coming week or two, damaged crops should be assessed to determine extent of damage.

Risk of Sudden Death Syndrome Increasing with Rains

7/2/2014 - Similar to last year, this year’s rain is triggering an increase risk in sudden death syndrome (SDS) developing. Unlike last year, most of the soybean crop was planted before the bulk of the rains started which further increases the risk of SDS.

Managing White Mold in Soybean

7/2/2014 - White mold development is favored by cool, cloudy, wet, humid weather at flowering. The disease is more problematic in soybeans in high-yield environments where high plant populations, narrow row spacing, and an early-closing canopy are commonly used.

Forage and Cover Crop Considerations for Delayed Planting and Flooded Sites

7/1/2014 - Extended periods of rainfall, flooding, hail, or all of the above have producers scrambling for replant or prevented planting options for forage and cover crops.

Estimating Nitrogen Losses in Wet Corn Fields

6/17/2014 - This spring's wet conditions are similar to those in 2011. That year's example could help producers this year avoid nitrate loss in fields that are saturated or have standing water.

Japanese Beetles Emerge in Iowa

6/13/2014 - Japanese beetles should be active in some areas of southeastern and southwestern Iowa this week, and adults are expected to emerge in central and northern Iowa in 7-14 days if warm temperatures continue.