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Herbicide Resistance and Weed Management Tactics Survey

By Micheal Owen, Department of Agronomy

Farmer and agribusiness participation is requested in an online survey being conducted by Kevin Bradley at University of Missouri. Specifically, the survey is asking for input on adoption of cultural management practices across the Midwest in response to herbicide resistance. Specifically, the impacts of GR weeds and some of the changes that are occurring in weed management as a result.  Information on the adoption of cultural management techniques is of great interest. The survey is only 12 questions and this information will be most helpful in understanding weed management perspectives and actions. The survey can be found at The results will be presented at the Weed Science Society of America meetings.


Micheal Owen is a professor of agronomy and weed science extension specialist with responsibilities in weed management and herbicide use. He can be reached at (515) 294-5936 or e-mail


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