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2012 Western Bean Cutworm Cooperators Needed

By Adam Sisson, Integrated Pest Management

Western bean cutworm (WBC) is a pest of corn that has expanded it’s range across Iowa and states east of Iowa. Beginning in 2003, Iowa State University set up a network of pheromone traps to monitor WBC. This provides yearly moth emergence data to enhance scouting efforts.

Cooperators are needed in 2012 to monitor traps and record data to the Iowa State University Western Bean Cutworm Monitoring Network website. Producers interested in becoming part of the monitoring network this year, or those who want more information should email To take part in the monitoring, include postal mailing address in the email message.

The trapping program consists of:

  • Building moth traps out of one-gallon milk jugs and pheromone lures supplied by Iowa State University.
  • Monitoring traps every other day for new moth captures (Fig. 1).
  • Reporting trap data to the website.

Figure 1. Western bean cutworm adult moth


Adam Sisson is an Integrated Pest Management program assistant. Sisson can be contacted by email at or by calling 515-294-5899.


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