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Corn Disease Diagnostics Clinic Sept. 8

By Brent Pringnitz, Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension

Corn diseases can have a serious impact on crop yield. Understanding the conditions in which these diseases thrive, correctly identifying the disease and knowing appropriate treatment measures are important tools to protecting crop yield.

On Sept. 8, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach is offering a Corn Disease Diagnostics Clinic at the Field Extension Education Laboratory (FEEL) west of Ames. The clinic combines classroom and field activities focused on diagnosing, understanding and managing a wide variety of diseases affecting corn.

Guest instructor Tamra Jackson, University of Nebraska, will focus on the arrival of Goss's wilt in Iowa. Alison Robertson, ISU extension crop plant pathologist, will discuss stalk, leaf and ear diseases and their diagnosis. The topic of nematodes affecting corn will be covered by Greg Tylka, ISU extension nematologist.

Pre-registration by midnight Sept. 5 is required to attend this class. Register online by that date. Registration is $150 and includes lunch, breaks and class notebook. This program is approved for 5.5 pest management credits for Certified Crop Advisers.

Learn more about this and other courses offered by ISU Crops Extension and Outreach at or call (515) 432-9548.


Brent Pringnitz is coordinator of Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Program Services. He can be reached at or 515-432-9548.


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