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Spring Control of Multiflora Rose

Bob Hartzler, Department of Agronomy

The last few years seem to have been favorable for the establishment and spread of multiflora rose (MFR) in pastures, CRP, timber and other areas that are not annually disturbed. Late spring is an excellent time for controlling MFR since herbicide applications at this time generally provide more consistent control than applications made later in the growing season after flowering.

Numerous herbicides will provide effective control of MFR when applied at the right time and manner. The following table provides information on some of these herbicides. Many of the active ingredients are off-patent and sold under different trade names.

Precautions should be taken to minimize off-target movement that may result in injury to desirable plants. Check labels for any restrictions that may pertain to use near water resources and for grazing of treated areas.

Mark Loux and others at The Ohio State University have prepared an excellent, in-depth bulletin titled Multiflora Rose Control that provides detailed information on multiflora rose and the effectiveness of chemical and other management tactics.


Bob Hartzler is a professor of agronomy with extension, teaching and research responsibilities.


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