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Iowa Learning Farms’ Webinar Offers Tips on Nitrogen and Water Quality

By John Lundvall, Department of Agronomy

The Iowa Learning Farms’ (ILF) April webinar, to be held Wednesday, April 20 at noon, will feature Matt Helmers, who will talk about in-field nitrogen management and drainage design and its impact downstream. The webinar is part of a series, hosted by ILF, held on the third Wednesday of each month. The webinars will be held over the noon hour through Adobe Connect. All that is needed to participate is a computer with Internet access.

Helmers is an Iowa State University Extension water resources engineer, researching the impacts of agricultural management on water flow and quality. He is passionate about water quality and the affects of agricultural practices on Iowa’s water bodies.

In this webinar, Helmers will discuss water quality impacts of various in-field management practices including rate and timing of nitrogen application, use of drainage water management and shallow drainage and various land covers. He will be able to answer questions from webinar “attendees” via the Adobe Connect chat box.

To connect to the webinars, go to: Those new to Adobe Connect should visit the ILF website to download a PDF file with detailed connection instructions. The ILF website homepage contains links for archived webinars from previous months: Please contact ILF with other topic ideas for future webinar sessions.


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