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Businesses Can Sponsor Soybean Field Guide Reprints

Adam Sission, Corn and Soybean Initiative

The ISU Corn and Soybean Initiative is updating the popular pocket-sized crop field guides. The Soybean Disease and Pest Management Field Guide – CSI 010, produced in collaboration with the Iowa Soybean Association, currently is under revision and will be renamed Soybean Field Guide. 

The new Soybean Field Guide, available later this year, will have more pages, include several new insects, have an expanded disease section with larger or multiple disease images, cover hail damage information, and contain other useful updates.

As a means of reaching a wider number of producers with the 2011 edition, Corn and Soybean Initiative is making it possible for companies to place small-batch reprint requests and have their logos printed on a prominent place on the back cover (see image below). Orders placed by interested agribusinesses will be combined into one larger print run, making the customized reprinting available at a reasonable cost to all participants.

Businesses interested in placing an order for personalized reprints should e-mail Adam Sisson at Orders must be submitted by March 16. In the e-mail order, indicate:
• the number of field guides being requested (300 copy minimum order)
• attach an .eps version of the business logo

The final cost for individual orders can only be determined when all orders are placed; however a general estimate can be provided before an individual order is placed.



Adam Sisson is a program assistant with responsibilities with the Corn and Soybean Initiative. Sisson can be contacted by email at or by calling 515-294-5899.


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