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Iowa State University Corn Field Guide Reprints to be Available

By Adam Sisson, Corn and Soybean Initiative

The Iowa State University Extension Corn Field Guide is a valuable in-field reference and popular resource for agribusiness personnel and corn producers. The publication helps with in-field identification of pests, diseases and disorders of corn in the Midwest and is produced in a pocket-size format with weather-safe pages.

Last year, more than 50,000 copies of the Corn Field Guide were printed and distributed. The publication is so popular that they are difficult to keep in stock. Several agribusinesses have asked to reprint the guide.

To make these guides available for reprinting at a reasonable cost, in the near future we will be combining field guide orders from multiple agribusinesses into one larger print run. Agribusinesses can choose the number of field guides they want to print and the guides would display the organization’s logo in a prominent place on the back cover.

Corn Field Guide cover mockup

If you would like more information about reprinting the Corn Field Guide, specific cost estimates, minimum order size, etc., please contact Adam Sisson at 515-294-5899 or


Adam Sisson is a program assistant with responsibilities with the Corn and Soybean Initiative. Sisson can be contacted by email at or by calling (515) 294-5899.


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