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Crop and Weather Report Dec. 21

Crop and weather report guests include Iowa State University Extension climatologist Elwynn Taylor, integrated pest management specialist Rich Pope, and corn agronomist Roger Elmore. On the first day of winter with snow covering most of the state and halting any remaining corn harvests,  guests comment on the just released corn yield report - 2009 Iowa Crop Performance Test --- Corn.

Taylor says we can expect snow to persist through the winter, with temperatures not quite as cold as recent winters. He also expects field capacity moisture at planting time next spring. Pope and Elmore discuss the yield report and how to use it to make decisions for purchasing seed for 2010. Elmore says to first look at the yield. Then look at the hybrid moisture content, maturity, and standability. Pope cautions against paying high prices for hybrids with traits that aren’t needed in a field.


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