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Crop and Weather Update – First Week of October

ISU Extension climatologist Elwynn Taylor, economist Dan Otto, and soybean agronomist Palle Pedersen are guests this week for the crop and weather update.

Pedersen expresses disappointment in central and northern Iowa yields, feeling the crop has been influenced by yield robbing diseases and cool July temperatures, but he is impressed by southern Iowa yields. Current weather will help soybean plants have more uniform maturity when harvested.

Otto visits about the significance of agriculture to Iowa’s economy where one out of every six jobs are related to agriculture and says 20 Iowa counties have over 50 percent of their jobs related to agriculture.

Taylor says current rainfall isn’t all bad. At the beginning of this week all regions of the state needed at least four inches of precipitation before Nov. 1 to have near normal subsoil moisture levels going into winter.


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