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Crop and Weather Report – September 14

By Doug Cooper, Extension Communications specialist

Guests for the weekly crop and weather report Sept. 14 are ISU Extension climatologist Elwynn Taylor, integrated pest management specialist Rich Pope and corn agronomist Roger Elmore.

With harvest is just around the corner, Taylor says an arctic cold front is heading into the U.S. from Canada, and he doesn't think it will have any significant impact on Iowa. Mason City is the furthest behind in growing degrees days from normal of any site measured in the Corn Belt.

Pope repeats his message from prior weeks - keep scouting fields as harvest draws closer. Soybean aphids are still being found in patches in some fields, though they are beginning to migrate to buckthorn for overwintering. Bright sunshiny days have been beneficial to crops.

Elmore says we are one to two weeks to maturity in most parts of the state. He discusses some issues of concern across the state - corn senescing fast, bottom up and top down, all seems a little bit early; some drought and nitrogen pressure; and disease pressure which is increasing with the cool nights and the morning fogs.


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