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September 7 Crop and Weather Report

By Doug Cooper, Extension Communications and External Relations

This week’s interview is with Charles Hurburgh, Iowa State University professor of agriculture and biosystems engineering. He talks about the issues that farmers face this harvest season. He says they can expect a huge corn and soybean harvest, but some parts of the state may face quality issues. In general, producers will be dealing with high moisture corn at harvest and some corn won’t make maturity.

Many issues will be a repeat of last year – low test weight and storability issues along with high moisture corn. Hurburgh talks about a lot of last year’s wet corn hanging around waiting for new corn, and where to put this year’s high moisture corn becoming an issue.

He says the next two to three weeks will play a significant role in the development of mold and toxins in corn fields that have hail damage this summer. Hurburgh talks about the need for good scouting in these fields to determine the amount of ear bruising and stalk health, and the importance of testing for toxins.

Elwynn Taylor is traveling this week.


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