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Hail Damage Disaster Recovery Web site Offers Crop Information

By Brian Lang, ISU Extension field agronomist

hail damage to crops

ISU Extension has set up a Hail Damage – Disaster Recovery Web site  in response to the needs of Iowa producers making hail damage decisions. This site includes information on topics listed below, with additional information to be posted as harvest approaches:

  • assessing crop damage
  • emergency forage
  • salvaging a hail damaged crop
  • foliar fungicide and hail damage
  • silage harvest issues
  • grain harvest issues

The severe hail storm that hit northeast Iowa July 24 left behind a six-county strip of major crop issues. “The storm caused damage over approximately 400,000 crop acres, with at least 10 percent of this acreage receiving around 100 percent yield loss,” said Brian Lang, ISU Extension field agronomist.

Other recent storm events left smaller pockets of severe damage across the state. These are occurring at a time in the growing season when there are few options. “Producers have some difficult decisions to make regarding the remaining crops,” Lang said.


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