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July 13 Crop and Weather Report

By Doug Cooper, Extension Communications

The July 13 weekly crop and weather report includes interviews with Iowa State University Extension climatologist Elwynn Taylor, integrated pest management specialist Rich Pope, and soybean agronomist Palle Pedersen.

Taylor says El Niño may be about to return, but for it to have significant impact on Iowa agriculture the southern oscillation index will have to be at least minus 0.8, right now it is minus 0.1. He says El Niño is generally positive to Iowa crop production.

Pope reports severe storms caused some hail problems in northwest and northeast Iowa last week. Damage ended the growing season for some corn and soybean crops.

Pedersen tells us weeds (especially volunteer corn) remain a problem for Iowa soybean producers. The cool and wet weather has made it difficult to slow the growth of weeds.


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