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Two Soybean Aphid Field Resources Now Available

By Rich Pope, Department of Plant Pathology

Knowing how to manage and "speed scout" soybean aphids, just got easier, thanks to two new pocket-sized  publications authored by Iowa State University Extension entomologists Marlin Rice and Matt O'Neal.

The companion soybean aphid publications are right off the press and available from ISU Extension. One is a spiral-bound "Soybean Aphid Management field guide for 2008," extension publication number CSI 11. The 43-page pocket guide is focused on management of soybean aphid in Iowa. The guide is a handy reference to the history, identification, development and management strategies for this relatively new insect pest for Iowa.

Image of Soybean Aphid management field guide         Image of the Speed Scouting--Soybean Aphid field card

                 CSI--11                                                           CSI--15

The second publication, "Speed Scouting—Soybean Aphids” is a double-sided card useful for field-by-field evaluation of soybean aphid populations. It uses the speed scouting technique that was recently developed by entomologists at the University of Minnesota.

Supplies of these references, as well as the publication Soybean Disease and Pest Management field guide (CSI 10) are available for no charge from the Iowa State University Extension Distribution Center. Look for the following:

  • CSI 10   Soybean Disease and Pest Management field guide
  • CSI 11  Soybean Aphid Management field guide
  • CSI 15  Speed Scouting—Soybean Aphids field card

All three publications were produced and funded for no-cost distribution with funding provided by the Iowa Soybean Association.


Rich Pope is an extension specialist with the Corn and Soybean Initiative.


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