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Request for Phytophthora of Soybean Plant Samples

by Alison Robertson and Silvina Stewart, Department of Plant Pathology

We have had ideal conditions for the development of Phytophthora damping off. Plants infected by Phytophthora have a brown discoloration extending from the root up the stem.


Our lab is continuing to assess the diversity of Phytophthora in Iowa and requests your help in this project. The lab would like to obtain plant samples from suspected Phytophthora-infected plants, as you find them.

Please place whole plants with Phytophthora symptoms in an open plastic bag. Include at least part of the root system and information on the location from where the plants were collected (preferably GPS co-ordinates; or township and county). Mail the samples to:

Robertson Lab/Phytophthora Project
Department of Plant Pathology
351 Bessey Hall
Ames, IA 50011-1020

Alison Robertson is and assistant professor of plant pathology with research and extension responsibilities in field crop diseases. Silvina Stewart is a graduate research assistant working in Alison Robertson’s lab.


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