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Now Grow! (No, Not You, Weeds)

The week of May 19 through May 26 was slightly cooler than average.  Favorable field conditions allowed corn and soybean planting to catch up.  About 60 to 70 percent of soybeans are planted statewide. 

May 27, 2008 Iowa degree day map

Major agronomic issues for the week in many areas includes watching for soil crusting that is interfering with especially soybean emergence, however some light rain can be helpful in alleviating that problem. Additionally, getting runaway weeds under control in some fields is a developing issue. The focus on planting has understandably taken precedence over some weed management activity, and it goes without saying that big weeds are tougher to control than little ones.


Corn fields have emerged across the state, and 5 to 10 percent of soybean fields can now be rowed, particularly in western and central Iowa. 


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