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Finally! A Good Work Week

The last week found Iowa farmers able to get to the field, and crop planting progress advanced notably. Although the week followed the seasonal temperature trend, being a bit cooler than average, the rain held off for the most part.


Emerged corn can now be found across Iowa, and soybean planting is well underway.


Over the weekend, ISU Extension Field Agronomist Kyle Jensen reported black cutworm damage in a south-facing field in southwestern Iowa. Refer to the articles posted on Friday, May 16 for predicted cutting dates and a discussion of economic thresholds for black cutworm.

Map of growing degree days in Iowa

For the next 10 days (May 19 through May 28), historical average base-50°F degree-day accumulations are 13 per day for the northern three tiers of Iowa counties, 14 for the central three tiers, and 15 for the southern three tiers.

Rich Pope is an extension program specialist working in the Corn and Soybean Initiative. 


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