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Soil Fertility Web Site Updated

By John Sawyer, and Antonio Mallarino,  Department of Agronomy


The Iowa State University Agronomy Extension Soil Fertility web site has undergone a recent redesign. While the site ( has been a resource for several years, it was in need of an overhaul. Part of the update was to improve flow and access to the different areas of the site.


While the original nutrient topic areas are still there, such as lime and soil pH, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, manure nutrients and secondary and micronutrients, other areas have been added including nutrients and water quality. In each nutrient topic section, information is available that is pertinent to that topic, including Extension publications, newsletter articles, conference proceedings and reports, photos, presentations and links to Web sites.


Other sections of the site have been expanded, including more photos in the photo gallery and direct links from the home page for popular soil fertility tools such as the Corn Nitrogen Rate Calculator and the Compendium of Nontraditional Materials, and to other tools such as common conversion factors and soil temperatures. New search tools have been added, and in the future a search of just the soil fertility site will be added. In addition, for fun a “Did you know?” soil fertility fact is posted on the home page.


A significant component of the site overhaul was implementation of a new section located on the home page called Current Topic. In this section we will write articles about current soil fertility and nutrient management issues in Iowa crop production. The most recent article will be posted on the home page, as well a link to past articles. To read the full article (PDF format), simply click on the Read on link. The Past Current Topics is a link that goes to a listing of all past Current Topic articles. We hope you find these articles interesting and useful. Please check back often to find new articles and to look for other information related to soil fertility and nutrient management.


We hope you will use the ISU Agronomy Extension Soil Fertility Web Site as your source of soil fertility information and your initial stop when accessing the Web.


John Sawyer is an associate professor of agronomy and Antonio Mallarino is a professor of agronomy, both with research and extension responsibilities in soil fertility and nutrient management.


This article was published originally on 4/14/2008 The information contained within the article may or may not be up to date depending on when you are accessing the information.

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