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Iowa State University Extension

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It starts with each of us

Building Skills
Last year over 492,000 Iowans enrolled in noncredit educational programs through ISU Extension helping them gain knowledge and expertise for professional certification and career advancement.

Making better choices
76,000 Iowans participated in ISU Extension nutrition education workshops. 85 percent reported improving their diet; 48 percent increased physical activity.

Managing finances
Last year 9,690 Iowans participated in ISU Extension family financial management programs. 64 percent reported reducing debt.

Realizing dreams
Whether Iowa entrepreneurs are new to Iowa, seeking financing or trying to find their Main Street niche--ISU Extension can assist them.

Buying a home
ISU Extension's "A Place of Your Own" educates homebuyers about finding a home that fits their needs and their budget.

Improving quality of life
ISU Extension builds leadership skills and helps with projects that lead to downtown restoration, landscape revitalization and other economic development.

Realizing potential
ISU Extension business audits examine economic, market, technical, financial and management factors so people can make informed decisions.