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Industry Analysis
Newsletter Articles
USDA announces CRP changes to help improve water quality, wildlife habitat, and land transfers to beginning farmers -- March 2017        
Extension and Outreach offers one-stop Iowa data resource center -- February 2016        
The capital structures of Iowa’s grain and agriculture supply firms: are cooperatives different than their investor-owned counterparts? -- May 2015        
Experts at Farm Progress Show encourage water quality improvement practices supported by research -- September 2014        
New Census of Agriculture reveals much about Iowa farms -- September 2014        
Farm families and the affordable care act -- August 2014        
Who owns the cooperative? -- February 2014        
Fall 2013 considerations for beginning farmers -- November 2013        
2012 Iowa farm and rural life poll: Pest resistance and certified conservation -- July 2013        
2012 Iowa Farm and Rural Life Poll: Rural issues and quality of life -- May 2013        
2012 Iowa Farm and Rural Life Poll: Land values -- February 2013        
Census countdown begins for America’s farmers and ranchers -- December 2012        
Focus on fires for 2012 harvest -- August 2012        
Road safety: a shared responsibility -- September 2011        
Iowa Farm and Rural Life Poll: 2010 summary report -- August 2011        
No enforcement of USDOT number requirement for private trucks in intrastate farm operations -- April 2011        


Specialty Production
Information Files
Using Financial and Production Records to Make Decisions -- C1-41 pdf file  
Pricing for Profit -- C1-55 pdf file    
Price Determination for CSA Share Boxes -- C5-19 pdf file      
Evaluating Marketing Outlets Using Whole-Farm Records -- C5-32 pdf file xls file    
Choosing Among Alternatives -- C5-152 pdf file   teaching activity  
Using Partial Budgets to Make Decisions -- C6-10 pdf file      
Newsletter Articles
Acreage Living newsletter addresses April showers, May flowers and other spring issues -- April 2015        


Strategic Planning
Information Files
Strategic Management Concepts -- C6-39 pdf file    
Strategic Planning Terms -- C6-40 pdf file   teaching activity  
Strategic Management for Farm Businesses -- C6-41 pdf file   teaching activity  
Setting Personal, Family and Business Goals for Business Success -- C6-42 pdf file      
What is Important to Me? -- C6-43 pdf file      
External Scanning - Industry Analysis -- C6-44 pdf file      
Internal Scanning -- C6-45 pdf file      
Farm Business Strategies -- C6-46 pdf file      
Growth Strategies by Type of Farm -- C6-47 pdf file      
Portfolio Analysis and Enterprise Strategy Development -- C6-48 pdf file      
New Ways of Thinking About Your Farm Business -- C6-49 pdf file      


International Agriculture
Newsletter Articles
Of maize and markets: China’s new corn policy -- December 2016        
How different is Chinese agriculture from the U.S.? -- November 2015        
Is Brazil the reservoir of future agricultural productive capacity? -- December 2012        


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