Whole Farm -- Leasing

Rental Rate Surveys
Information Files
Iowa Farmland Rental Rates (USDA) -- C2-09 pdf file  
Cash Rental Rates for Iowa Survey (Iowa State University) -- C2-10 pdf file teaching activity  
Historic County Cropland Rental Rates -- C2-11 pdf file  
Farm Building Rental Rate Survey -- North Central Farm Management Extension Committee pdf file    
Newsletter Articles
Farmland rental rates increase moderately in 2013 -- June 2013        
Farmland rental rates show continued strength in 2012 -- March 2012        
Farmland rental rates increase sharply for 2011 -- May 2011        
Farmland rental rates stable for 2010 -- June 2010        
Cash rental rates up again, but slowing down -- June 2009        
Cash rental rates jump in 2008 -- July 2008        


Leasing Forms
Information Files -- Leasing Forms
Iowa Farm Lease Form -- C2-12 pdf file  
Iowa Cash Rent Farm Lease (Short Form) -- C2-16 pdf file    
Midwest Plan Service Lease Forms  
Information Files -- Leasing Supplements
Lease Supplement for Investing in Improvements on a Rented Farm -- C2-07 pdf file      
Lease Supplement for Obtaining Conservation Practices & Controlling Soil Loss -- C2-08 pdf file      
Iowa Farm Lease Termination Notice -- C2-19 pdf file      
Lease Supplement for Drainage -- C2-29 pdf file      


Lease Agreement
Information Files
Improving Your Farm Lease Contract -- C2-01 pdf file    
Do I Need a Written Lease – C2-03 pdf file      
Leasing and Land Ownership Terms -- C2-05 pdf file   teaching activity  
Lease Termination and Other Legal Considerations for Lease Contracts -- C2-06 pdf file     voiced media
Designing a Farm Resume -- C2-13 pdf file      
Developing a Farm Newsletter for Landlords -- C2-14 pdf file      
Survey of Iowa Leasing Practices -- C2-15 pdf file      
Leasing Arrangements and Self-employment (Social Security) Tax -- C2-41 pdf file      
Legal Considerations for Hunting Leases -- C2-45        
Ag Lease 101, a website from the North Central Farm Management Extension Committee, helps both land owners and land operators learn about alternative lease arrangements and includes sample written lease agreements for several alternatives.
Newsletter Articles
Gearing up for summer leasing meetings -- June 2014        
Farm lease types have different risks and rewards -- February 2014        
How is farmland leasing for 2014 shaping up? -- August 2013        
Flexible cash farm leases -- July 2013        
Conflicts between landlord and tenant -- April 2013        
Flexible cash leases and crop insurance proceeds -- October 2012        
Leasing issues and rental rates for 2013 -- August 2012        
Leasing issues and rental rates for 2012 -- July 2011        
Leasing issues and rental rates for 2011 -- July 2010        
Flexible cash farm lease considerations -- March 2009        
2009 flexible cash farm leases gain traction -- August 2008        


Cash Leases
Information Files
Computing a Cropland Cash Rental Rate -- C2-20 pdf file xls file teaching activity voiced media
Flexible Farm Lease Agreements -- C2-21 pdf file xls file teaching activity voiced media
Flexible Cash Rent Lease Examples -- C2-22 pdf file      
Computing a Pasture Rental Rate -- C2-23 pdf file xls file    
Computing a Grain Storage Rental Rate -- C2-24 pdf file xls file    
Renting Extra Grain Storage -- C2-25 pdf file      
Computing a Livestock Building Cash Rental Rate -- C2-26 pdf file xls file    
Creating a Flexible Swine Building Rental Agreement -- C2-27 pdf file      
Newsletter Articles
Iowa farmland values and cash rental rates -- July 2012        
Updating your cropland cash rental rate -- November 2011        
Lower prices and higher costs may squeeze cash rents -- September 2009        


Share Leases
Information Files
Crop-Share Leasing Provisions -- C2-30 pdf file   teaching activity  
Adapting Crop Share Agreements for Sustainable and Organic Agriculture -- C2-31 pdf file      
Fixed Bushel Rent -- C2-32 pdf file      
Considering Sustainable Agriculture on Your Rented Land -- C2-33 pdf file      
Beef Cow Joint Agreements -- C2-36 pdf file xls file    


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Decision tool xls file    
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