Whole Farm -- Financial

Information Files
Financial Terms -- C3-05 pdf file teaching activity  
Transportation Terms -- C3-06 pdf file    
Understanding Cash Flow Analysis -- C3-14 pdf file xls file teaching activity  
Twelve Steps to Cash Flow Budgeting -- C3-15 pdf file xls file teaching activity  
Understanding Net Worth -- C3-19 pdf file xls file teaching activity  
Your Net Worth Statement -- C3-20 pdf file xls file teaching activity  
Understanding Profitability -- C3-24 pdf file xls file    
Your Farm Income Statement -- C3-25 pdf file xls file teaching activity  


Information Files
Managing Farm Family Finances -- C3-51 pdf file  
Financial Troubleshooting -- C3-53 pdf file    
Financial Performance Measures for Iowa Farms -- C3-55 pdf file xls file teaching activity  
Farm Financial Statements -- C3-56 pdf file xls file    
Farm Financial Management: 16 Ways to Stretch Cash Flow -- C3-58 pdf file      
Building Equity in Your Farm -- C3-60 pdf file      
Selected Alternative Agricultural Financial Benchmarks -- C3-65 pdf file      
Newsletter Articles
Farm financial management: 16 ways to stretch cash flow -- October 2015        
ISU Extension offers farm financial planning support -- March 2015        
Getting your financial records in working order for 2014 -- December 2013        
Assessing how you stand financially -- February 2012        


Industry Analysis
Newsletter Articles
Can your farm’s finances weather a storm? -- December 2013        
Finding financial measurement standards at the AAEA meetings -- September 2013        
Financial challenges facing farm enterprises -- April 2010      


Recorkeeping and Computers
Information Files
Glossary of Computer and Internet Terms -- C6-30 pdf file    
Evaluating Farm Accounting Software -- C6-32 pdf file      
Understanding Double Entry Accounting -- C6-33 pdf file      
Fine Tune Management Decisions with Enterprise Accounting -- C6-34 pdf file      


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